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A Brief Introduction


Welcome to 1st Nanpantan Scouts website. Situated on the south side of Loughborough in Leicestershire, we have sections meeting every night of the week.

Scouting provides fun, friendship, exciting activities, contributing to the community and improving life chances in terms of education and employment.

Through the adventure of Scouting, young people get to try exciting activities in a safe environment and have their first taste of responsibility. We give young people experiences they will never forget. The sort of adventure we offer is the chance to experience something different and the opportunity for young people to discover their potential.

When a Beaver Scout wakes up the morning after a sleepover, or a Cub Scout has just got over their fear of heights by completing their first abseil, that’s adventure.

Come and join us and be part of our adventure

Simon Parr
Group Scout Leader - 1st Nanpantan Scouts

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Coming to @lborouniversity? You don't have to stop @scouts. We're just up the road and largest group in Lboro! @LboroFreshers16 @UKScouting
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