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Bring A Paint Brush Party

17 September 2012

Over the summer months you may have noticed that we have been doing some refurbishment work on the front building of our headquarters. The main part of this was adding insulation to the walls and plastering it (in the process we had to remove the kitchen and re-fit it). The part of the building is going to be  a lot warmer now during the winter months!

The next part of this project is painting – and we need your help. Over the weekend of 13/14th October we will be having a “Bring a Paint Brush” party. We have lots to paint, so if you have a paint brush, roller, paint trays then bring them along. We will provide the paint!

There are also some other jobs that need doing to prepare for the winter months, e.g. the stones in the car park needs raking back, grass needs a hair cut, cleaning and putting things back into the kitchen plus a number of other small DIY jobs too.

If you are a keen DIY, like painting and can spare an hour or too come along and help out.