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Paint, paint and more paint

14 October 2012

Well, we’ve done it. It has been a busy summer months with all the work that has been going on at Nanpantan Scouts Headquarters. After the we finished for the summer, the kitchen was emptied and the units taken out. This was needed to make way for wooden beams in order for the insulation to be put in.

Insulation was put in between the wood and then insulated plasterboard on top. Should be a lot warmer now during the winter months!

The kitchen then was put back in and everything restored to some sort of working order to enable our section meetings to start again after the summer holidays.

All that was needed now is paint! Over the past two days,volunteers came to paint the headquarters. An undercoat went on the first day along to seal the plaster. The wood work was also varnished. While the weather was nice, we also took.  the liberty to mow the lawn and clear out the fire pit in the campfire circle. The next day the second coat went on and the cleaning started! There are still things to put back into the kitchen cupboards but we’re almost there.

Many thanks to all who have helped over the past two days. Keep an eye out for the next working weekend where more help is needed keep our headquarters up and running.