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Nanpanthers Carol Concert

22 December 2012


Akela had asked the Cubs what they would like to do in a talent show for their parents, it was completely their choice as he said they have to be happy to perform it. He thought it would be nice to do it at Christmas so we could have some carols as I think a big part of Christmas is to hear children singing Traditional Carols. Also to allow their families to see them in a concert.

The  programmes and Carol sheets were printed so that parents could join in as well. Homemade cake made by Akela and hot drinks served at the interval. It felt like a proper concert.

It was an experience organising it, but well worth it as the Cubs made Akela so proud with what they had achieved  It was fantastic to see the faces of the parents light up as they saw watched their Cubs performance. There were quite a few laughs throughout the night, but as the saying goes – ‘It was alright on the night’.

Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

From all the leaders and helpers at Nanpanthers