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Cub Teddy Camp

19 March 2013

Another successful Teddy Camp.  18 tired, grubby, well-fed and happy cubs left the Nanpantan HQ after our one night hut camp with 9th Loughborough.
The cubs learned scouting skills such as fire-lighting (in the snow!), knotting and map-reading. They also took home hand-made souvenirs – a necker for Teddy, a decorated cake, Teddy bookmark and a bag to put it  all in.

The Camp of 2013 made us proud as they accepted all the challenges set by the leaders, they even managed to do ‘Party Dances’ on Sunday morning to wake up after an early start!
The Cubs had bags of energy and weren’t grumpy all weekend!.. They were kept busy going from one activity to the next – never complaining, only looking forward to the next thing. They were a pleasure to look after and were a credit to all their parents.  

We made sure they were tucked in bed early, honest!… Okay they went to bed slightly late after telling us all about their cuddly friend that they had brought with them. It was an honour to hear about the reasons why their cuddly friend was so special to them. It  reminded us of why childhood is so precious and maybe we should look at the world through childs’ eyes occasionally.

The weather didn’t spoil our fun as we had the best-ever indoor campfire where Simon the Group Scout Leader nearly lost his voice leading the Cubs in many  Campfire songs. This became the highlight of the camp as it was  just  like we were outside in the dark as the Cubs sat round the special indoor fire in their blankets singing at the top of their voices! Our poor neighbours, I think we deafened them.

The camp ended with an award ceremony and an ‘I survived’ certificate for all.

Take a look at the photos of what we got up to.