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Tesco Bag Pack – The Result!

9 April 2013


I’m pleased to say that we managed to raise a total of £644 towards our building project. This is a great start to the building project and will certainly cover the fees for planning permission. We have a long way to go yet!

Many thanks to all our Cubs and Scouts who gave up their time to came to help bag pack at Tescos on Park Road. Having spoken with Tescos, they enjoyed having us there. Staff and Customers commented on how polite and well presented our Scouts were which made us proud. This will certainly go towards your community award!

Also a big thanks for Prit for liaising with Tescos and her sister for looking after her kids as well as Janet, Rob, Adam and Simon for giving up their Saturday to look after the Cubs and Scouts. Finally, a huge thanks for Tescos to letting us raise money in their store for our building cause.