Scout Community Week Awards

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Scout Community Week Awards

28 June 2013

It’s been a few weeks since Scout Community Week and I hope that you are collecting in that sponsorship money! We have now received badges for all those that took part. All Beavers, Cubs and Scouts who did the litter pick will be getting the Environment Partnership Award (for working with the Council, working as a team and local residents to help clean up our town) and the Scout Community Week Award.

Environment Award

Scout Community Week Award

The Scout Uniform

So where do these badges go? The Environment Award goes on the right sleeve underneath the District/County Badges/Patrol Badge (for Scouts) and leadership tape. This can be warn throughout your time in Scouting. So when a Beaver moves on up to Cubs, the Environment Award can also be warn on the uniform.

The Scout Community Week Award is an activity badge. This is warn on the left sleeve with the rest of the circular activity badges. This badge does not transfer onto the next section.

As a reminder, the triangular jubilee badges and 100 year district badges should no longer be on the uniforms. This can now be placed on your camp blankets.