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Jamboree On The Internet

23 September 2013


This year, we will be taking part in the 56th  Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) over 19th – 20th October. JOTI is the only event that can connect Scouts across from all over the world by using the internet on the same weekend. Using Scout severs we can talk to other Scouts from different corners of the globe.

Saturday 19th Oct between 10am-7pm
Sunday 20th Oct between 10-12pm
Saturday 4pm – Sunday 12pm (overnight)
The cost:
£2  – take part in JOTI (include a badge)
£5 – JOTI + lunch only (Beavers and Cubs only)
£5 – JOTI + dinner only (All Sections)
£8 – JOTI + lunch + dinner (Beavers/Cubs Only)
£8 – JOTI + dinner + overnight + breakfast (Scouts Only)

Please fill in the attached form – JOTI Signup.

We will have a number of computers having the IRC chat plus Skype/video chat. We’ll also have a number of webcams capturing the event live too. We’ll also be offering website design, pictures and a number of other activities working towards the communications/IT Stage Badges. We will also discuss internet safety too. Hopefully we will also have some games consoles. Our network will be secured by OpenDNS so inappropriate content will not be available, as well as computers being monitored by leaders/helpers.

If you have any computer equipment (laptops/PCs/webcams/cabling/mirophones/speakers etc) we can borrow, please let us know.