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9 November 2013


Christmas time is coming and although it seems like the cards have been out in the shops for months it’s a little early to be posting them yet!

When you do get round to sending them to your Loughborough Friends why not use Scout Post this year. Friends and family from Nanpantan Scouts will be able to purchase stamps for Christmas Cards and our Scout Group will deliver them.

Stamps can be purcahsed from leaders for the bargain price of 30p each. Why not ask your friends and neighbours if they would like to buy some too – please collect their cards (with the Scout Post stamp) and post them in our box for delivery.

The Scout Post box will be in our headquarters in the kitchen foyer for cards to be posted ready for sorting and delivery. The deadline for collection will be 13th December. We plan to deliver all the cards after this date. We will only be able to deliver to the Loughborough area  (Postcodes with LE11).

To make sure we can deliver all your cards accurately, please ensure they are clearly labelled with the full address and postcode.

This service is for Christmas Cards only, please do not include money/cheques in the cards. Please note, the stamps are not a replacement for Royal Mail and can not be used for normal mail delivery.