Brief History of Nanpantan Scouts

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Brief History of Nanpantan Scouts

24 February 2014

Nanpantan Scouts was originally formed in 1912, however during that time it has closed and open many times. Nanpantan Emmanuel was re-formed again in 1941 and is still going strong today and is the largest group in the district. During 1954 we changed our name and became 1st Nanpantan Boy Scouts.  After becoming co-educational movement the name changed again to just 1st Nanpantan Scouts.

Before meeting at the current site, Nanpantan Scouts met in a number of different venues. The notable meeting places included a Chicken Coop (refurbished by the Scouts themselves) and an old air raid shelter.  Parents were unhappy where they were meeting and wanted a proper place to meet. In 1949, the Scouts settled at our current site (donated by the Gene Cope Trust) and built their very own HQ at a cost of £1500 (£45,000 in today’s money). After the war the community was looking for places to meet so a Scout HQ seemed ideal. It is still popular as community venue today.


Not much has changed since the front build was built. The front gates are still the original ones. As the group grew, a new building was put on the back featuring a larger hall in the 1960s. Due to the rushed nature of the build, it is starting to show its age.