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Beavers Imagination Sleepover

14 April 2014

Over the first weekend in April, our Beavers had a sleepover at our headquarters. The programme was geared so that they could complete their Imagination Activity Badge.

The evening started as usual which featured a short hike to Nanpantan Sports Ground hunting for treasure on route. At the sports ground, the Beavers got a chance to practice their “Circus Skills” before heading back to the headquarters.

Those that were not staying over night left leaving over 20 Beavers to continue working towards their badge. Their first challenge was to everyone to contribute to a very interesting group story.

After a (sleepless) nights sleep, the Beavers we bright eyed and bushy tailed eager to get on with the activities. This included making model boats, making models out of foil and creating a picture of what the future might entail. After a short break, the Beavers then raced their boats in our boat lake (paddling pool!).


After lunch, the Beavers set sail to the Climbing Station in Loughborough to scale the heights of a climbing wall.