Loughborough in Bloom

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Loughborough in Bloom

14 April 2014

Nanpantan Scouts have teamed up with Loughborough In Bloom to plant poppies to commemorate 100 years since World War 1. Sites across Loughborough were prepared by the Council in order for Scout groups to come and plant their poppy seeds. Organised by Mike Jones, the Loughborough Scouts District President, the Scouts met by Forest Road and set to work sprinkling the seeds all over the soil.

The poppy seeds were mixed with wild flowers and will create a nice area to sit and watch. After the seeds were sawn, we were told by the Charnwood Borough Council to do a rain dance in order to have a little rain to make the seeds germinate. Once complete, it was time to rake the seeds into the soil.

Finishing off our planting a little earlier than expected, we wondered over to the park and had a little play while waiting for parents to pick the Scouts up.