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Nanpantan Wear

14 April 2014

It’s back! You can now order Nanpantan Wear. Designed to wear as an informal alternative to uniform – it’s not compulsory to buy.


We have a selection of samples up at the headquarters for you to view and try on. We do not keep stock of items as we will order direct from the manufacturers so please make sure you order the correct size.

The order deadline is Friday 23rd May (Friday before half term). Develory should be 2/3 weeks afterwards and handed out on a section evening by the leaders.

Please fill in this form (NanpantanScoutsClothingOrder), attach with payment (Cheques payable to 1st Nanpantan Scout Group) and place in a marked envelop in the “Nanpantan Wear” box in the kitchen area.