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Have a say on how the Group is run

26 May 2014

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 6th July at 2pm at Nanpantan Scout Headquarters. It is a chance for us to have a look at what we have achieved in the past year and look to our future. It’s also the opportunity for us to elect members to the Group’s Executive Committee who decide how the group us run.

Support, assist, administer and decide

We understand that leading young people is not everyone’s cup of tea, however, have you ever thought about using your skills to help administer the group.

The group executive committee administer the groups needs. They are charity trustees of the group and responsible for the building, raising funds, administration of the finances, insurance, and looking after our equipment.

At the Annual General Meeting, the committee are elected. This year, it is being held on the Sunday 6th July, 2pm at Nanpantan Scout Headquarters. Anyone who is a parent/guardian at Nanpantan Scouts can be nominated to stand on the Group Executive Committee.

Roles on the group executive committee include (click on the role for the complete description):

  • Chair – Coordinates the Group Executive Committee
  • Secretary – Acts a secretary for the Group Executive Committee, maintaining records, legal and official documents
  • Treasurer – Looks after our finances, a key role on the exec.
  • Subscription Secretary – Looks after our membership income including gift aid
  • Headquarters Bookings – Looks after the external lettings of our headquarters
  • Building Maintenance – Organises the maintenance of the building and the surrounding grounds
  • Fundraising Coordinator – Coordinates fundraising activities, crucial with the projects ahead.
  • Social Secretary – Helps run social activities e.g. quiz nights, awards nights, family camps etc for adults to join in (they are members to of Nanpantan Scouts!).
  • Group Executive Member – Just want to have a say on the exec, then this is the role here.

If you want further information or want to talk about a specific role on the executive committee, fill in the form here or speak with your leaders.