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Jamboree On The Trail

13 May 2014

The JOTT (Jamboree On The Trail) took place on Saturday 10th May. 2014, about 50-60 Cubs and Leaders met up at the ‘Old John’ car park at Bradgate Park at 1.30pm. We were due to walk to Outwoods car park, it was going to take us about 3.5 hrs as it is a good 5 mile walk.

The Cubs were eager and ready  to go, so we started off in glorious sunshine after having a group photo. We left the car park and headed towards the Golf Course where we walked through to get to the more muddier areas of the countryside.

We stopped for a break in a field on Broombriggs farm, none of the Cubs complained about the walking – they were chatting with each other and with the leaders so the time passed very quickly. We ended up on the top of Beacon Hill – The Cubs found the wind rather fun as some were pretending to be kites as they were blown down the hill, others were climbing on the rocks and looking at the magnificent view.

Unfortunantly the weather took a slight change and we had wind and rain (who’d believe that could happen in May), the worst part was that we were walking with the wind behind us,

so we got drenched by rain on our backs, even though we were wet our spirits weren’t dampened and we carried on regardless as we are always prepared in the Scouting World – so we were dressed for the weather. Nothing stops us having fun!

On our way to the Outwoods we had to follow a steep muddy path which  was great fun for the Cubs, I think some of them would have liked to use it as a slide (Cubs and mud, they go together well!..), so as Leaders we helped guide the Cubs down so we reached the bottom semi – cleanish, mud coloured shoes and trousers are all the rage apparently, the Cubs always like to take something back for their parents, maybe not you’re idea of a present though.

After following more woodland paths, up and down different hills we reached the Outwoods car park. I think the Cubs were glad to see their parents as they were now ready for a sit down after all the walking.

The Cubs coped brilliantly with the walk, I think we all enjoyed the fresh air.

Thank you for letting your children join us on the JOTT, your support on these activities is always appreciated.