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Membership Re-registration

27 Aug 2014

The Scout Association are launching a new online membership management system to store youth membership details. The new database helps assist our leaders with their weekly administration tasks, including attendance, badge progress and weekly planning. We’ll also be able to give you access to our Membership Database to update details on how to contact you etc as well as seeing …

New Scout Leader

26 Aug 2014

I’m pleased to announce that we have a new Scout Leader taking over from Rob Bood at our Wednesday Troop, Joe Putt. Rob has done a sterling work over the past few years for us and was only a temporary replacement while we search for a new leader as we did not want to close the section. Joe comes to …

Autumn Subs are now Due

26 Aug 2014

The autumn term is about to start and your membership subscriptions are due. This has been set again at £30 per term per Scout which incorporates the general running of Nanpantan Scouts, membership to the Scout Association and insurance (note some activities may have an additional cost).  Please make cheques payable to 1st Nanpantan Scout Group, post in a marked envelope …

Scout Summer Camp

26 Aug 2014

Scouting doesn’t stop just because it’s the holidays. A number of Scouts visited Chamboree, an international Jabmoree in Cheshire. The Scouts met a number of international visitors including Holidays, Slovenia and America. Take a look at what they got up to here:

Bag Packing

26 May 2014

In order to help raise funds for Nanpantan Scouts, we will be Bag Packing at Tesco’s at Park Road on Saturday 31st May – 10am till 6pm. Young people only need to turn up for part of the day or they can do the whole day if they wish. This is the final push for raising the required funds for the Environmental/Geotechnical …

Nanpantan Scouts Celebrate St George’s Day

29 Apr 2014

On the 13th April, Loughborough District Scouts organised an event for every Scout in Loughborough to come and celebrate St George’s Day. There were loads of activities to take part in during the morning. In the afternoon, every Beaver, Cub and Scout renewed their promise from when they were invested.
Take a listen to what they got up to during the …

Loughborough in Bloom

14 Apr 2014

Nanpantan Scouts have teamed up with Loughborough In Bloom to plant poppies to commemorate 100 years since World War 1. Sites across Loughborough were prepared by the Council in order for Scout groups to come and plant their poppy seeds. Organised by Mike Jones, the Loughborough Scouts District President, the Scouts met by Forest Road and set to work sprinkling the …

Scouts Go Paintballing

5 Mar 2014

After an extensive review the National Scout Association, as of January 1st 2014 lifted its 16 year old ban on Paintballing, due to the industry becoming far better regulated and offering a far higher standard of safety equipment.
Off the back of this and by popular demand the County Scout team jumped on this to offer  our members a full paintballing experience. …

Scouts Save Energy with EON

26 Feb 2014

Working towards their Global Conservation Badge, 1st Nanpantan Scouts learnt that they can reuse old fabric materials in order to create draught excluders in order to help save energy.  Craft experts from E.ON were on hand to help them design and make their excluders. Using sewing machines and a needle and thread, Scouts managed to come up with a range of …

Where do these badges go?

10 Jan 2014

It’s great when a young person receives recognition for completing an activity badge or they have just completed their challenge badge. This is shortly followed by ”Where do all these badges go?”. The following diagrams will help show you where these badges go.
The Beaver Scout Uniform

The Cub Scout Uniform

The Scout Uniform


We do not have a group badge.
Union Flag badge is not given out
Occasional Badges are celebration badges …